Friday, 25 January 2013

folky friday

these snowy plaid turbaned wood chopping slack days are perfect for desert island disc catching up and martin carthy's just the other week one floored me with this cotten picking wonder. her story is worth digging into too if you've half a mo...

elizabeth cotten - freight train



Swiss Adam said...

Those girls got style too

davyh said...

I'd heard that Martin Carthy DID was a good one - must go git x

Rob Ryan said...

Been listening to lots of desert island discs on the Internet in the last week, my favourites were Emma Thompson and Neil Tenant. Xx

spud said...

That Martin Carthy DID was the best one that I'd heard in ages. That's all you need for good music radio - people who love music playing it and talking about it. Why is that so hard to find?

And I liked his anecdote about Bob Dylan helping to chop up his old piano for firewood.

ally. said...

good wasn't it. i always like the ones featuring folk i know little or nothing about best. the woman who was galton and simpsons agent etc was ace.

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