Wednesday 15 January 2014

a quality assortment


okay ready let's go... bootsale bonanza final push... a bit of a mix up what with it being that sort of week and all... nice picture of hats b-side of poor side of town (that we had a while back and no i still haven't investigated darling johnny futher but i shall really i shall) and the bonus song off of the live nina lp (bonus songs on lps... now there's a thing) that was my introduction to the rivers and is utterly wonderful (thankyou jimmy webb)...

johnny rivers - a man can cry

nina simone - do what you gotta do 



nancy o. said...

I do love his mid-60s lps, 'Changes,' 'Rewind,' and 'Realization' - all picked up for mere pennies.

ally. said...

ta for the tips dear - i shall keep em peeled