Thursday 30 May 2024


found this ancient draft... 2014... the things i trolled about with... i do love to know what daft stuff folk carry with them... once left pretty much this lot that gorgeous bag in the french house lavs brilliantly handed in to the fine folk behind the bar...
bag poachers by tom franklin ancient iphone gaviscon wallet keys rspb bird identifying leaflets oyster card polaroid sx70 (how i wish i could still afford film) inhaler keys glassses case unknown photograph ( possibly involving kitten and plant pots)
knitted iphone case
lip balm x2 (burts bees mac tinted) broken hair thing polaroid sx70 case card from my dear old daft lost dad guitar shaped bottle opener pens x2 observer book of wild flowers postcard assortment. should also feature lots of tissues for this always sneezy schnozz guessing they'd all been used up


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