Friday 28 March 2014


woke up this morning thinking about those suede thick crepe souled laceups all the dapper plaid shirted turned up levised argyle socked black and white genuine plukoed sorts trolled about the towns of my youth in and wandered where they'd gone and why i've not seen any for such a long while. the shoes not the sorts. i see them often thankfully. although come to think of it not the ones who favoured said footwear. hmmmmmm...


this has been hummed tunelessly as i've wandered...

jeanne hatfield - stop


i favoured a plimpsoll

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spud said...

Nice tune.

Eaton Clubmans were lovely. Never had a pair though because I went with the Playboys rather than the Clubmans - my student budget was too tight to afford both.

Men of a certain age who are missing their chukka boots will be gladdened by the news that Clarks Originals are back on the high street. Welcome back old friends.