Friday 4 April 2014

paradise gardens

here it's ducks on the roof crash landing eating me out of house and home then daredevil taking off again treat this place like a bleedin caff (which is fine by me) the first bats chasing the first bugs goldfinches greenfinches bulfinches blackcaps galore since the new niger/sunflower heart/black sunflower seed mix went up long tailed tits nesting in the bamboo parrots on the peanuts starlings in the bath woodpeckers on the buggy nibbles squirrels bouncing off of everything bounceoffable... soon it'll be grunting hedgehogs grunting up the night (which is fine by me)... and the magnolia is glorious and the peas are sprouting and the rocket is still rocketing like it has all year through... and we can't have spring without blossom...

blossom dearie - days of wine and roses

and what with missing a day let's have another...

quartette tres bien - days of wine and roses



Darcy said...


The older I get the more I appreciate birds (the feathered variety, I've always appreciated the other sort :) ). I cycle to work and at this time of year I leave the ipod shuffle in the pocket and just listen to the birdsong (until I hit the ring road at least).

A great series this week.

(btw MW has been in touch and I'm trying to cook something up).

ally. said...

ta dearie... the older i get is certainly the key phrase i think... being peeped at by a nuthatch isone of the greatest joys
oooh and looking forward to a cooking mixes debut