Tuesday 18 November 2014

trip advisor

postal joy this week petals when mrs i like's new book plopped through the letterbox on just the dark and gloomy sort of lunchtime when sunny daytrip dreaming is just the very thing and cheese on toast at the kitchen table poooofs into a knickerbocker glory at the harbour bar scarborough the soggy leaves of the magnolia go topiary brilliant and i'm lost in the rhubarb triangle... 

buy northern delights a guide to the hidden joys of the north of england by anne ward

£6.99's worth of gloriousness

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - daytripper (live at expo 70)



BLTP said...

this looks great I shall track down a copy

secondopinion said...

The Rhubarb Triangle sounds like my kind of place.

ally. said...

i'm not allowed rhubarb. deadly deadly rhubarb. or spinach. it's a cruel world