Monday 26 January 2015

noel noel

just before xmas it was my dear old dad's 80th and just after he had a big old birthday party at the bowls club full of folk i didn't know and folk i did and cousins i wish i saw more and booze at prices it'd be rude to refuse and the very kind and very generous lester noel sang some songs some with two small neighbours of my dad's on drums and keyboards and he made the night with his charm and skill so i thought we should have thankyou ever so lester week so here is thankyou ever so lester week ...

boy i did so adore those grab grab the haddocks 1984 london feet finding still hurrah del amitri ronnie scott's late sessions and the howling yee hahing love you moreing stage invading fishy glory... this is off of the second ep and has got that ace spoken bit punk legend alice fox could do like no other along with patent noel ohhhh ohhhing to his own song...

grab grab the haddock - for all we know



secondopinion said...

I'm intrigued by your Dad's 'two small neighbours'. Are they of restricted height or under the age of 11? Either way it sounded a joy.


ally. said...

small boys as in off you go you small boys that sort only very good at drumming and pianoing. it was a mighty fine evening

spud said...

That photo of your old man is class. Makes me smile.

What a lovely way to celebrate his birthday.

Nice of your mate Lester to chip in as well. But then he did seem like a thoroughly nice bloke when I was chatting to him at the last 99p Soul.

ally. said...

he's a natural born show off. in the nicest possible way. and it was a lovely do.
and it was smashing indeed for lester to chip in. he made it