Tuesday 28 April 2015

lost treasures

well found treasures really... i've been rummaging about in the big bag of cassettes again to soundtrack  my proper old lady motoring around these leafy suburbs (i do have one of those snazzy it's a cassette but it's not really whatsits that plug into the phone but it's all a bit fiddly when there's hunching over the wheel doing twenty to be done) and have very bravely been having a go on the far too many with nothing written on. most have bits of old gilles peterson when he was on kiss and jazz fm going on about vibes far far too much than is bearable and going on about them in a funny little hat if memory serves and some have nothing at all and some have things to listen to at bedtime which don't make for especially good b road listening especially at the speed i go and one had this on... the great lost last raw herbs session. gee i loved the raw herbs. this must be from 1988 or 1989 perhaps hip swinging country pop marvelousness...

tremelo set to stun...

the raw herbs - lonely hearted boy
the raw herbs - the last thing on my mind
the raw herbs - everyday
the raw herbs - i've got you
the raw herbs - sun corner
the raw herbs - a path to where you stay


if you're not sure about this sort of thing i suggest sun corner as a taster

i'm afraid most of the song titles are guesses


Unknown said...

God, sorry, I hate these demos! I'd forgotten all about them.

ally. said...

oh derek how ace to hear from you. how are dear boy?