Friday 22 May 2015


well in a most unexpected turn of events i'm off to a gigantic indie all dayer tomorrow. i know i know... there are all manner of horrors on show and that's just the turns i've even heard of. from what i can gather it's a nineties night with echo and the bunnymen and the gang of four bunged on at the end to show how at least it should've been done but is frankly more than slightly unsettling now. that singer out of the gang of four was annoying then so i'd never be able to cope these days. and ian's hair... well ... and quite who the high or hurricane no 1 or eat or diesel park west are is anone's guess. there's turns of i've heard of somewhere but couldn't tell you what on earth they sound like but can probably guess too. echobelly and milltown brothers and pop will eat itself and oh good lord..

saturday really i shall be joyfully popping in to see my long lost pals bob wishing them well bathing in the memories having a plastic glass of something gross and probably getting tearful by the time i'm home in time for tea. here's to them...


there's a compilation of the smashing bob singles and eps out right now available here


Swiss Adam said...

I thought about going to this. Emjoy.

The High would be worth watcyimg but I think they clash with the Bunnymen.

ally. said...

I'll be home by 7 if all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Hope you caught the Primitives
Swiss Adam

bovril said...

BOB had some great Peel sessions, thanks for the link to the website to get some of their music, my tapes have long since chewed up in the old tape player