Thursday 29 October 2015

movin' & doin'

a quick weekend break for a new mess of records for the cooking up a quiet stormers a part two of apostrophe songs to go with mark's mighty fine part one...

jackie shane comin' down
the blossoms - good good lovin'
garnet mimms - keep on smilin'
clydie king - missin' my baby
the impressions - loves a comin'
aretha franklin - runnin' out of fools
lorez alexandria - i'm wishin'
jackie shane - send me some lovin'
chuck jackson & maxine brown - love is a hurtin' thing
charles lamont & the extremes - i've got to keep movin'
dusty springfield - doodlin'
the flower pot - wantin' ain't gettin'
funk inc - chicken lickin'
the jbs - givin' up food for funk
sly & the family stone - you caught me smilin'
steve parks - movin' in the right direction
gloria scott - (a case of) too much lovemakin'



davyh said...

Been lovin' this x

ally. said...

ta ducks... it was fun to do too

there's a more country/crooner pt 3 if there's ever a need

ally. said...

it's got me playing sly records something silly (played two sly records)