Wednesday 27 April 2016

sleeve notes

3. a song with a colour in the title... as much the greatest thing i've only got as a thing on the machine that i'd adore and hold ever so tender in real life as anything i can think of well this and guess i'm dumb (oh for a record of guess i'm dumb) the horace silver version is a marvel the horace silver version with bill henderson singing is nearly as marvelous but i love the horace version so bill sort of gets in the way for me... the  rose hardaway came from the ever giving office naps and there's wonderful stuff from rose's grandson and one of her neighbours in the comments bit so troll over there dears do you'll find the bill henderson there too

4. a b-side you played as much as, if not more than, the a-side... i wish i'd never loved you armagideon time liza radley get up and move stand down margaret the corrupt ones on my mind if the papes come heck this was nearly city hobgoblins which'd bounced me round the kitchen in a handful of singles play it as it lays afternoon just a while ago... the deee lite has been a today tomorrow and always presence in the going out record box and was going to be the under 2.30 choice till i read down the list the whole way

bonus songs...

blossom dearie - long daddy green

the byrds - she don't care about time



i know everyone knows the byrds but there are never too many times to play a b-side of of all b-sides



secondopinion said...

Well if no-one else wants to comment I will...yes...sleeve notes...good idea...wish I'd thought of it.


ally. said...

ta mister... it's a lonely old place round here these days and there's a terrible draft