Tuesday 17 May 2016

sleeve notes

right then...

13. a song not in the english language... the thing is i do like to know what folk are singing and what with not knowing any other flipping languages i'm buggered... so it's rhythms and intituition and ignorance...

14. a song from the 80s that would NEVER feature on 'Now That's What I Call The 80s'... oh if only if only... a million telstar forever bescrawlled hands flung in the air...

15. a song for a compilation entitled 'Seminal Songs For Modern Teenagers'... cos your modern youth still needs to know vile evils are vile evils

bonus songs...

joyce - clareana (visions of dawn version)

kalima - sparkle

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - what the world needs now


1 comment:

Andra said...

hey Ally, am really enjoying these bonuses. Thanks Ally... So anyhow i did myself a 15 songs according to the storm rules of course, I just shared you a download link via my google drive to: mygoodgawd(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

if you have some spare time please have it listen will ya

see ya around Ally