Friday 7 July 2023


well i thought we'd start off with really easy something for everyone ones... that'll teach me... sorry it's been a struggle petals... hopefully you'll be kicking yourself when you hear them... next time i shan't dumb it down so much (ahem)

let us know which ones you got and which ones you're screaming at... ta for helping to keep me out of trouble


the intros of doom answers

the beat - twist and crawl

dusty springfield - in the winter

patrice rushen - forget me nots

stereolab - french disco

tony bennett - once upon a time

untit 4+2 - concrete and clay

marvelettes - in my lonely room

the clash - charlie don't surf

bobby darin - don't rain on my parade

peter paul and mary - 500 miles

easy x


ally. said...

i did try to add a player thingy but i've forgotten how you do it... bugger

davyh said...

As predicted, a lowly 3: The Beat, Dusty and Unit 4+2...should've got 'Forget Me Nots'...

ally. said...

thankyou for joining in competitor 1 and very well done ... there may be minus points for not getting the tony bennett as featured here a couple of weeks ago

mr.kenneth said...

the beat, PP+M and Dusty ... how I didn't get a couple of the others is beyond the ken!

ally. said...

i'm flabbergasted frankly

PC said...

My 4 were The Beat, Unit 4+2, Marvelettes and PP&M. Should/might have got Stereolab. The rest, no chance.

ally. said...

4 wins! well done pc!
very possibly the lowest scoring intros of doom ever especially with no one getting the free hit tony bennett... one for the purists perhaps... we go on to the august fixture with a cloud over the game