Friday 10 November 2023

hold the front page

in stunning news... i'm going out! tonight! at night! in the dark! not just to put the bins out but actually out... to see people playing pop music... and not just any people but james "tremendous" kirk... yes that one... in a tiny backroom of a tiny boozer... so of course i'm going out! it being the northern poorhouse the last bus there is at five past seven and the last bus back with quite a bit of a walk is half past ten so it's two busses one completely the wrong way... where's my crossrail... but james kirk people james "terrific" kirk... only got to see the orange juicers after he'd gone so i'm thrilled (obviously)

there should be a song i know but my music files are totally buggered and i can't seem to get you tube things to copy on here anymore ... bloody hell... anyway i've been singing get on on board a lot so go and find that it's super 


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davyh said...

'not just to put the bins out' LOL