Thursday 22 February 2007

barbara lewis - hello stranger

so i thought i'd have a go at this posting songs lark... and incredibly i think i've worked out how you do it...

songs still manage to come out of nowhere and blow me away. like this one. i've got a nice shiny cd version too but it doesn't sound anything like as gorgeous as this totally knackered 45.

when i tried to find out stuff about barbara lewis it turns out the arctic monkeys have covered a song on some b side, which makes me like them even though i've never heard it, and gives me much more hope in the kids today than i had yesterday .

somehow, despite making records of such incredible fabuluosness, she ended up with 'a successful career as an armed security officer'.

clicking on the title at the top should take you there.

i promise you'll spend the rest of the day going 'shooo bop shooo bop, my baby...'

barbara lewis - hello stranger


Unknown said...

aw thank you my dear! i will be back to see what happens here :) xo colleen

Roger said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and love what I've read and listened to so far.

This track is a new one to me and a real winner.


Dane said...

I just posted this recently too - this one is capable of taking me back , viscerally, to a time I never actually lived in. Love it.