Tuesday 27 February 2007

that's how it is

so by now you should all know that there should be a medium cool collection coming out one day soon. and you should all be very happy about this. mainly because it will be full of songs by the raw herbs. who were fabulous. i can't put my love of them better than the chaps over at fire escape talking have ...

" an unfathomably unheralded slice of melody and melancholy fanned by a country breeze from the appalachians..."

i can only add that i hope there's some film somewhere because you really have to see dereks hips wiggle as he sings. in a better world there'd be some idiot off of eastenders trying to do the moves on celebrity stars in their eyes.
pretty much the only omission from the proposed compilation is a track from the first flexi, so you can have a listen by clicking the title at the top

the raw herbs - that's how it is


Fire Escape said...

Shall we start a campaign to reunite the Raw Herbs for a gig to mark the release of the Punk Rock Itch? I think we should.

(Oh and it's just the one chap here!)

Fire Escape said...

Thanks for your flattering words about the description; you missed out a word, however. It was an unfathomably unheralded slice of melody and melancholy fanned by a country breeze from the Appalachians.
Going to the Orchids on Friday? I know I am.

ally. said...

funnily enough i'm supposed to be meeting up with andy wake and a raw herb in a bit so i shall bug them then. did you ever hear the post raw herbs Harvest stuff ? ...countrytastic.

ta for pointing out the ommision too - i've edited it right.
my writing skills seem to've deserted me so i think i'm best nicking stuff of off the experts and posting pictures that speak for themselves.

and i can't go to most things cos i'm stuck in bloomin manchester.

Tom said...

And mighty fine that Medium Cool comp is too.

I will be at The Orchids. If you see an overweight Terry Duckworth crossed with Jack Wild person that's me :)

Fire Escape said...

I have an album by the Horse Latitudes, if that's what you mean, Ally...
Tom, I should be fairly easy to spot as I'll be DJing with Harvey. I'm the one that doesn't look like Harvey.

Nicky Peacock said...

thank you ally.
i bloody love this song.

i haven't even thought about this band in the longest time.