Friday 16 March 2007

the revolutionary spirit

because we could still do with a cultural militia and the dream of the international brigade still swells my idealistic heart

i'm informed almost entirely by a lifetime of the clash and posters in a language i don't understand but sometimes that's all you need

and there are records like this that can only be listened to with a fist raised in salute
working week - venceremos


Lies said...

I still, STILL can't get my head around Strummer being dead. I think about that at least once a week - more if I hear a Clash song.

See Me Repeat Me said...

The top poster:

The text on top blares that it's from the Ministry Of Public Instruction, which could mean it's from a governmental office that passes down information to its citizenry, or it could be a sort of propagandist office that instructs the people on what to think. "Las milicias de la cultura" translates literally to "The military services of the culture", meaning the armed forces/military of whatever nation this comes from, and the bottom text reads "fight against fascism/combat ignorance" in a manner that makes me think they mean to have it read bullet point style, meaning it could be two different things that the poster is expressing that the military does those two things. If it is, like another poster further down, from Spain, that would be way too ironic IMO, and not in an Alanis Morrisette way either.

Gracias a dios que mis padres insistieron que estudiƩ espaƱol cuando fue en (mi) escuela secundaria. ;)

gooner71 said...

Always loved this but only had it on vinyl before. Cheers for posting it.