Friday 30 March 2007

a to z

omis and palones... we are proud to present... the bona school of polari!

so zoosh your riah, grab your darkest ogle fakes, and let's get cracking, duckies.

inspired by my old pal david callahan's champion ranting " the internet's just about being being cool and having good musical taste but doing fuck all" (hear the whole genius interview on the rain fell down )

the bona school - in 26 funpacked installments we'll be ...

- teaching you a word in polari

- picking a favourite english word

- illustrating the weeks letter with a picture from the eine shop shutter graffiti alphabet

- playing you a tune


so this week it's ... (wait for it, wait for it) ...

a is for ...

aris meaning bottom , bottle and glass - bottle - aristotle - aris

as in ' oooh, 'ave a vada at his baggy old aris! '

a is also for ...

arse! a gloriously wide ranging expletive i use with alarming regularity , although i do think it's best in a 'cor blimey , look at that arse on that' kind of a way, particularly when you're pointing but trying not to get caught pointing.

our american chums will know this as ass but that's just wrong - tits and arse my friends, tits and arse.

and a is also for ...

alton ellis the king of studio one soul. scratchy as hell but lovely.

alton ellis - can i change my mind

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