Friday 16 May 2008

not singing for england ...eng-er- land

anything you can't do we can can do loads loads worse my american chums. you might think you've got this singers what can't sing thing all sewn up but you never reckoned with our very own super secret weapon so secret we disguise him as a postie and don't let anyone buy his records and by the look of him these days don't give him any dinner just so at times like this when you think you've got us licked we can drag him out spitting and scowling and not sing you lot to pieces

vic godard and subway sect - make me sad


davyh said...

It's a TERROR weapon, that.

Kippers said...

The "young punk" sitting on that dustbin looks about 50!

Mondo said...

Thats quite chirpy actually - like theme to a 70s sitcom. Have you read John Robbs Oral Punk book? Well worth a go and loadsa Vic in it too.