Sunday 18 May 2008

hold my hand and we're half way there

so this was supposed to be a sunday afternoon kinda thing with fairy cake and the best china and ooohs and ahhhhs and long gorgeous silences but i got distracted by a troll around regents park with thierry henry and ducklings and a blimp and whatnot. well anyway you know we're rather partial to a showtune and no one can not sing a showtune like tom waits. wouldn't the tom waits show be a fabulous addition to a sunday evenings telly. he'd make a marvelous host i'm sure. crack a few jokes. tinkle the old ivories. bellow through a megaphone. introduce special guest. (i got totally stuck there thinking of anyone who could be on the tom waits show. it's past my bedtime really it is)
there was supposed to be photoshop trickery too with toms dolly old eek plastered onto a west side storyer but i've got no skills and very few inclinations at my age so you'll just have to use your imaginations you clever little things.
lets just start our week swooning with 'somewhere'

tom waits - somewhere

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