Tuesday 3 June 2008

dumb dumd dumb

this was supposed to happen sunday all full of random acts of kindness and the little table people leave stuff on by the lifts in the entrance to our block and telly and field of dreams and second chances and hope and kevin costner even and jd salinger and books of films and films and '"the yankees lose so seldom you have to celebrate every single time" he used to say' and being brought back to football years and years after spitting it back in the the foul faces of the louts and horrid boys who'd soiled it and lonesome hungover sunday afternoon pubs and oh you know just stuff but my brain turns gooier every day and i forgot what i was going to put and wandered off somewhere instead and now i can't really remember what i was going to put. never mind eh.

hem - a dream is wish your heart makes

the cramps - human fly



davyh said...

Ah, yes....'She's wandered off again; don't worry, she won't have gone far - try the stylisticuseses shop'

Mondo said...

It doesn't matter what you were going to put - as long you play The Cramps.

PS I had a top night out recently where The Cramps, Tuxedo Moon, Bauhaus, and tunes like 'I'm And Indian Too'were on the menu all night - delish!

BLTP said...

We need to talk about Kevin... and Hem :)

Piley said...

Love the cramps... got into em in the early 80's and they looked old then!! Remember bumping into Lux and Ivy walking roung Kensington Market - believe it or not i'd jsut bought their new album 'a date with elvis' half an hour beforehand! Got it signed n they were dead sweet! Still got that signed album!

So It Goes said...

I love Field Of Dreams so much, you've inspired me to go and watch it again right now!