Wednesday 4 June 2008

oooh teddy teddy oooh teddy teddy oooh teddy teddy teddy pend - er - grass

so you've just turned a crowd to mush and everyone in the place wants to have your babies or at the very least do quite unmentionable things to you and you sneak out the back door to screams of over ere 'arold c'mon mr melvin harold harold i love you harold and for the billionth time you whisper to no one it's not harold baby it's theodore... theodore dereese pendergrass senior... but you can call me teddy bear heartface

harold melvin and the bluenotes - wake up everybody (part one)
teddy pendergrass - love tko



davyh said...

YEAH baby!

Kippers said...

Sadly Pendergrass had one too many syllables for the last line of my haiku t'other day, so Melvin got the nod!

Simon said...

I've had Mr P's Come On Over To My Place on rotation this week. It's a great tune, I might post it this week.

BLTP said...

Love tuna kitten Oil?

Anonymous said...

(All of a sudden it's a Saturday morning in the early 80s and the Robbie Vincent show is kicking off on Radio London...)

That's two sweet slices of loverman soul. And no-one even got round to rhyming 'wine' with 'fine. Unprecedented.

And Love TKO has given me a strange craving to dig out Mtume's 'Juicy Fruit', another great slinky smoocher from the 'erection section'. Can't be bad.

I Am Not The Beatles said...

Halloo, just popped over here via the very lovely Too Much Apple Pie. Very much enjoying yer blog - and Harold's growling!

If you want to hear yet more of him... called Prayin' :

All the best,

Ian TB