Saturday 19 July 2008

space is the place

gripped by moon madness on the 39th anniversary of giant steps and 'for all mankind' and there's only nine of them left you know just nine men in the whole wide world who've stood on another planet... blimey.

i blame mayfair library and bltp and moondust by andrew smith for getting me all bonkers and obsessed and wishing i had a big telescope or at least a rocket or something and that my head wasn't so fuzzy and gin soaked that i could make at least a tiny bit of sense

so tonight i'll be waving extra hard at the sky and marveling some more that for a very little while when i was small there were people wandering about up there and waving back

cosmic sounds to take you there too...

stereolab - international colouring contest

asha puthli - spacewalk



Anonymous said...

Nice little selection (what, no Sun Ra?). Whats's the story on Asha Puthli? Keen on that. I'm sure that nasal noodly synth solo sound was only ever used on fusion records about space made between the late 70s and early 80s - but there's nothing wrong with that! Reminds me a bit of some Patrice Rushen things...(Starts rummaging through drawers in search of woobly cassette copy of Atmosfear's 'Dancing In Outer Space'...).

Simon said...

I was only five months old at the time, but my mum took me outside and held me up to look at the moon. Probably explains how I turned out.

davyh said...

Yay! Sheila B. Devotion!

And you've reminded me that I need to read this x

davyh said... you clearly mentioned yourself. Nurse, the screens!

BLTP said...

I now have to pull my finger out and sort out my new "sitette" full my space stuff. nice tunes

ally. said...

moon moon moon moon mooon - davy do read moondust it's a smasher full of top class nutcases who've done some amazing things
spud - i've only got two puthli songs on a couple of iffy bootlegs from long ago mainly cos the other stuff i've heard is a bit futher out there than i like to venture but 'right down here' is worth a listen - i'll dig it out
simon - i'm sure you turned out just fine dear
bltp - space site-ette! i can't wait

Kippers said...

Yes, fair play to those astronauty types. If it hadn't been for them, we'd never have known that the moon was made of cheese.

ally. said...

ooooh moon cheese - my favourite