Wednesday 13 August 2008

rain rain go away

please come back another day... next week sometime maybe at least or at night anytime really you can pour to your hearts content while i watch from bed but just give us day or two of summer. please. pasty and grey and august just ain't right and it's getting desperate now sweetie really it is. pleeeeeeeeease...

maybe a massive organ groove would help. at least a little dance will keep us warm

one gee plus three - summertime


Simon said...

You need to do a sun dance. Feeling like you need to put the central heating on in August is simply wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like that. Who were they?

That little hook at each end sounds like they're reworking 'But Not For Me', doesn't it?

'Tea and toasted buttered currant buns / Can't compensate for lack of sun'. I'm off downstairs to the kitchen now to test that hypothesis...

Anonymous said...

if you love these instrumental retro hammondy type things,download 'bumpin on sunset' by brian's a real groovy hollywood retro it plays,you can nearly imagine roni spector getting out of the car to nip into the supermarket for some hairspray on the way to a session at goldstar.

bumpin on sunset
brian auger

ally. said...

brrrrr. my dancing just hasn't worked yet - sorry people.

spud - i've no idea who or what they were - it was a long ago soul jazz records recommendation and it's got a funny mexican looking label and it's fab is all i know

cigs - i like a bit of brian and i'm sure i've got that somewhere - i'll have a ruumage. and hell but california is sounding like a fine option right now

Unknown said...

"Feeling like you need to put the central heating on in August is simply wrong"

Sorry to say...we had to do that one afternoon last week.

Cant someone get an ASBO order taken out on all thse rainclouds that just hang around all day looking menacing?