Sunday 7 September 2008

the tempo : carefree

so what is with sundays and jazz huh ? why does something strata easty or full of prestige stereo go with too much tea and a bit of light dusting so regularly of a back end of the week ? and are the trad boys still spoiling a well earned spot of inevitably inedible nut roast before the football in boozers all over this land ? me i'm snakehipped and swinging the hoover round with some bossa piano magic

tenorio jr - consolacao



davyh said...

Hoover bossa! It's the genre de nos jours! x

Anonymous said...

Tru dat, like the young folk say. Proper Sundays should be assembled from Blue Note, Ealing or Gainsborough studios, the papers, the sofa, the kettle on. Snacking's OK as long as it's toasted - teacakes or crumpets. Better check if there's anyone decent on Desert Island Discs as well.

That's a boss bit of bossa. Have you heard Invisible Session? They're Italian, they're around at the moment, and they can sound a bit like that sometimes.

I wonder if all Tenorio's family were named after saxophones? Like his dad Baritonio, and his little daughter Sopranina?

And I'm digging Ms Polyester with her mischievous eye on that bloke's horn. The minx!

davyh said...

You forgot the youngest - Altolina. Bless!