Sunday 21 December 2008

you know

this old bit of gorgeousness has been stuck in my noggin for days and every time it plays rita tushingham pops up too like it's a soundtrack for something somewhere between a taste of honey and the leather boys or something. something i desperately want to see. i bet no one would cast dear rita these days the silly sods. i mean the then rita not the now one. is there anyone? anyone even slightly as ace? anyone who could call you ducks and not have the entire pictures get up and go home?

richard hawley - i'm on nights

buy yours from rough trade why don't you



dickvandyke said...

Those times are gone forever, sweet ally.

One of Mr Hawley's finest by the way.

"Don't look back. No, don't look back".

davyh said...

Shall we started a Haunted By Hawley group? He goes with cold nights ever so...x

Anonymous said...

Lovely song.

That'd be more likely to put me in the mood for Midnight Cowboy because it's definitely sharing DNA with Ev'rybody's Talkin' - try singing a slowed down version over the guitar break in the Hawley song if you can't hear it straight off.

The connection between that song and Rita T must just be raw-boned, unaffected, natural, no-frills beauty. Like you say, no room for the Ritas any more. Shame.

BLTP said...

he had me at "I'm of nights" almost a 3 word poem in itself

TIW said...

What a marvellous image the bridge one is.

And wasn't a Taste Of Honey where the Smith's nicked the line "I dreamt about you last night, and I fell out of bed twice?"