Friday 6 February 2009

you wanna talk about the real junk

ta-ra lux dearie hell knows why i didn't go and see you writhe around last year just like all the leather boys of my preston warehouse youth forever desperate to be you or iggy or bowie dyed and shirtless and so far beyond wonderful it swells my heart still

you may also be delighted to know that there's a kitchen shop in macclesfield named in his honour. i hope he knew that soooooo much.



drew said...

A fitting tribute, the shop, although, however hard I try I cannot picture Lux in the kitchen, not doing the normal sort of things that normally go on in a kitchen kitchen anyway.

The Wolfmen said...

Iggy meets Elvis - with b movie grooves..

Do you remember this Cramps special filmed for The Tube

BLTP said...

why is shopping seeling spoons and graters called "Erick Purkhiser itchen essentials" ?
I do remmeber the most exciting girl I'd ever met at the time spending one evening a long time ago go on about the cramps she had red hair and smelt of white musk and silk cut.

Mark Robinson said...

I remember Domino as the big song they played at the Warehouse. I was remembering all those types who loved the cramps who you never saw anywhere else than there - as if they only came out at night to dance to the cramps. And Heroes at the end of the night, obviously.

Piley said...

A nice Tribute Ally. I met Lux and Ivy in 1986 whilst wandering around Kensington Market. Believe it or not, some 60 mins earlier I had just bought the new Cramps album 'A Date With Elvis'... What were the chances of that??! I went up to them not knowing what to expect, but they were both SO friendly and chatty. We spoke for some 10-15 mins and the hapily signed my album as a lasting reminder.

A great frontman and a great guy. RIP Lux.


Anonymous said...

They really could crank it up live, couldn't they? I had a couple of great nights out at two of their early London gigs: Venue in Victoria 1980, Kings College Strand 1979.

(My memory is insisting that they supported The Fall at Kings. That can't be right, can it?)

What were they like live in recent years?

marmiteboy said...

I'll never tire of The Cramps, they were magnificent. Lux was a truely great front man and didn't sell his soul for the sake of car insurance either.


Anonymous said...

laShirl was gutted by this news ... but a fistful of candy courtesy of her own Garbage Man, soon put that smile back on her dial and had her doin' The Human Fly on the front porch!

oh the horror ...

*be smooched*