Thursday 11 June 2009

everyone's a winner

i won something. really. after all these years i really won a real prize. by default obviously but we don't mention that (default! default!). and oh what a prize what a glorious shining beauty of a prize. it's only a vic godard session from 1986 oh yes yes yes. ta ever so mr your heart out.

and while we're at it ta ever so mr your heart out for giving us stuff we can read on bits of paper again. it's a good thing. gathering the bits out of the printer and lovingly stapling it all together to be taken for a sly half down the blue posts is a pleasure i heartily recommend. i'll see you down there.

vic godard gary crowley show session march 1986


the photograph is by everyone's favourite i like


londonlee said...

That is an excellent fanzine, I sometimes take mine outside and read it with a fag.

And as someone who works at a magazine it warms me cockles that people are putting out fanzines on paper.

Mondo said...

If only someone would PDF old copies of Flexipop

PC said...

Excellent! I became very hopeful when you mentioned on YHO you'd be reposting this (thank you!) - can't believe it took me this long to actually find and download it.