Monday 15 June 2009

what a performance

these days dears i'm pretty darned good at the no regrets wouldn't change a thing thing apart from the occasional flashback of shoddy skincare regimes and not being the evil impresario beat svengali larry parnes calling their turns vince eager and dickie pride and ruling a stable of stars with a rod of iron but the you do what you want while i sit on coaches to norwich be incredibly useless and gradually lose interest sort of record label big wig variety. it'd've been for their own good and all. we'd all've been happy. i'd be smooth and flawless if nothing else.

that was a dreadfully roundabout way of waving yooohoooo dearie to the launch of the BOB depository now at the
house of teeth and oh gee don't that video make ya feel good (and twirly)

some more rare treats to get you in the mood

bob - it was kevin (demo)

bob - what a performance (demo)



BLTP said...

I almost don't want to check out the site I'm happy with my single and ignorance about Robert's history. I will have listen to the other tunes mind. You realise alternative universes being what they are that those 4 quiffs made the xmas totp three years running in about 300 worlds...

ally. said...

try 'em i think you'll like 'em.


dickvandyke said...

Oh so twirly - I'm dizzy Dickie Pride