Thursday 24 September 2009

proud mary

a quick postcard from a north full of tweety birds and big glorious sunsets and illuminations to come and and an owl oh yes children there's owl poo and owl hooting so there's a flipping owl but sadly there's no peter paul and mary mary who was a big voice in the living room of my childhood and one i still love despite the diabolical efforts of a billion buskers and assembly geography teachers and all the stupid heartless bastards that tried to tell us that puff the magic dragon was some pitiful dope dream and not the most heartbreaking tale of a little dragon losing his best pal. damn you jackie paper you you you.....(fade to floods of tears)

ahem... so just dig those beards kids and mary's right now do and don't let no one tell you they weren't doing from the soul

peter paul and mary - if i had a hammer



davyh said...

People say owls are scary but I loves them, me; beards on the other hand...

Misses ya Mary x

carrick said...

Thanks for the Mary mention. Yes...Soul. One of my last memories was of her leaving our house singing Freddy Neil's Dolphins. Her voice loomed large in my childhood as well, even more so since my father kept her gardens neat and tidy since the mid 1970s. This one has been giving me solace recently,

PS love your work. too many whys to list.

ally. said...

pleasure carrick dear and ta ever so for the clip - that's solaced me good too. and damn i'd've loved to hear that dolphins.