Sunday 10 January 2010

our day will come

roberta flack - tryin' times



surely no home can possibly be without first take ?


davyh said...


Beth said...

In the words of Sandie, your time is gonna come.


dickvandyke said...

Don't you go fluttering your eyelashes at me young lady. You know that's how to get around me.

Oh, alright then, come and give us a cuddle!

ally. said...

i'm touched really i am. no really

Darcy said...

Now I'm all nostalgic. IOW was the family holiday destination every year. And Ryde was where it all started. I can smell those motor boats on the lake now. Number 8 was my favourite, quite slow but trusty.

dickvandyke said...

Slow and trusty .. like ally.

Come in No 8, your time is up.


spud said...

Looks like you got over your blogger's block...

Thanks for Tryin' Times. I've been meaning to check out the Roberta since I heard Alice Russell cover it. Is the whole album that good? What are the standouts?

Just checked the tracklisting. I quite fancy having decent vocal versions of Angelitos Negros and Balld Of The Sad Young Men. I've got Eartha Kitt mewling rather camply through the former and Davy Graham having a brave stab at the latter. His guitar's as good as ever but the difficult changes are more than a match for his creaky not-quite-singing.

Oh, and this is where 'Compared to What' comes from?

ally. said...

oh spud dear get yourself a 'first take' it's an essential for ever home really it is. and usually under a tenner in soul jazz. recorded in a couple of hours apparently and a masterpiece