Friday 29 January 2010

most wanted

another gem from ronco presents black explosion 24 original hits/24 original artists as seen on tv for your delictaion

first choioce - armed and extremely dangerous



davyh said...

Tee hee. I've got that on K-Tel Soul Motion - 20 Original Hits, 20 Original Stars ("As Advertised On TV & Radio")

They did it on Train and all.

davyh said...


I meant...

They did it on Soul Train and all.

TIW said...

I think I might change my name to Wallace Umphrey.

Mondo said...

Oh yes stomping stuff -a real disco spinner, sounds more 80s funnily enough

BLTP said...

the landslide been getting heavy rotation chez bltp so spin this my nokia cheers as usual.

ally. said...

Tee hee
wallace umphrey
chez bltp

what more could anyone wish for in a comments lump. give yourselves a big hand