Friday 7 May 2010

do it clean

desperate to drain the makers mark that's been leering at me all morning so scrubbing and dusting and scrubbing some more desperate to keep the panic at bay. do the right thing you bastard clegg or you'll never be forgiven

rawkus rockin' is doing it's best to help too... sing it wanda

wanda jackson - honey don't


drew said...

Sadly, Ally, it's Gordon who needs to do the right thing and step down, frankly he is a bit pathetic.

If I was not feeling bad enough today, I've realised that I have to go to a friend's son's 18th party tonight, a boy I remember baby sitting. I don't just feel useless today but old into the bargain!

Cocktails said...

Your fab Wanda track isn't working sadly. Like this country's electoral system. ha!

davyh said...

Drinking gin (not Gordon's) x

ally. said...

i'm all for him clinging to any drop of hope he can to be honest. and oh god if i'd been at the gin there'd be floods by now. and i still believe in the power of wanda

Yr Heartout said...

The wonder of Wanda and the beautiful tradition of being plain bloody awkward and making the sods crawl for it. This ain't a bleedin' game of cricket. Wanda's a lovely choice for today.

Mick said...

Joe Orton said "scratch a Liberal and a fascist bleeds" - I guess he was being controversial. Don't know what made me remember that right now.