Monday 31 May 2010

number 63 excursion

so june is busting out all over and we got us another super special guest spot my sweets. please give a give a big dustysevens welcome to mr how does this one go again? his very self and his marvelous magnificent seven selelection

Mr. Grainger's excursion got me thinking to my own past commute on the no. 63 bus from Peckham Rye to Farringdon and the tunes loosely correspond to that oft-made journey through SE London.

1. Peckham Rye Common: Tropicola by Nino Nardini - the Victorian gardens give way to the lush, verdant expanse of the common, viewed through a soft lens of mist.

2. Rye Lane: Le Serpent by Guem & Zaka - Peckham doesn't bounce to the beat of Del Boy and Rodney anymore. Things are a bit more pentecostal down in SE22 these days.

3. Old Kent Road: Looking Out My Window by Tom Jones - "nothing left but sorrow, nothing left but pain"

4. Elephant & Castle: Oh No! Not The Beast Day by Marsha Hunt's 22 - it can be hellish, stuck, waiting to get over the E&C roundabout.

5. Blackfriars Bridge: Why Can't There Be Love by Dee Edwards - why indeed Dee, why indeed?

6. Smithfields Meat Market: Funk Factory by Rose Royce - something a bit, ahem, meatier!

7. Farringdon Road: That's The Kind of Love I Got For You by Dusty Springfield - I met my sweetheart on Farringdon Road. Dear reader, I married her.

a no.63 excursion

that should keep you smiling through the rain dearies... me i'm off to snap up every last bit of dusty - the disco years i can lay my greedy paws on before the rush. happy listening



glen grainger said...

very cool sounds all new to me so an education as well as enjoyable

Mondo said...

Ayethangyow - What a fine idea for a selection, and a mighty fistul o' tunes. (Love the Tom and Marsha ones).

spud said...

Looking forward to this one. The only Dee Edwards I know is 'You Say You Love Me' but I love that tune. And I remember being knocked out by that Marsha Hunt song when she did a Radio 1 'In Concert' back in the 70s, but not being to get hold of it anywhere - that's what I call deferred gratification! (Used to do this commute as well, and still living at the end of the 63 route).

spud said...

...just played 'Beast Day' and I'm excited all over again! Worth 30 odd years wait.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind comments and the tip about the other Dee Edwards track. I'd love to track down that Marsha Hunt 'concert' now too! It really makes blogging worthwhile reading Spud's story about having not heard 'Beast Day' for 30-odd years.

Thanks Miss Ally for posting my Magnificent 7.

All the best,


ps My wife points out my postcode error: Peckham is, of course, SE15!

Darcy said...

I just can't get enough of that Dee Edwards track. I've been chasing a copy for the right price for years now. My chances of geeting one are now zero since the Adidas ad. Ho hum.

Dennis Coffey on the guitar apparently.

dickvandyke said...

Ey up al - y'alreet luv?

Just read a book and thought of you. It might by right up your (Old Compton) street.

Rodney Bewes' - Autobiography ('A Likely Story').

You may enjoy it too.

If you can't find it in your travels, let me know, and I'll post it to you. x

ally. said...

big thankyous again to gareth and his choice choices and boy if the elephant and castle sounds like that i'm going to be hanging round there a whole lot more

and dvd - rodneys book been on my list for a while - must get down to the library this week. he was on elms a while back and was a marvel. his entire life seems to revolve around the garrick club