Tuesday 14 September 2010

torment tuesday

oh billy

billy fury - in my room

*with a huge thankyou to your heart out without whom i'd've missed this and an ever growing pile of things. gawd bless ya guv.


have you ever heard such a record? astonishing. i'm scouring every box of small records i can find for the parlophone singles of billy fury. any sightings much appreciated.



davyh said...

I can imagine a cover of that on a Smiths B-side!

ally. said...

i know just what you mean. there's a small pile of the sixties output somewhere i'm desperate to hear

dickvandyke said...

wow. few things make me that morose. like 'abide with me'. crushingly accurate.

Yr Heartout said...

Have you heard his one that goes 'the monkey's in the jam jar'? Telephone Box it's called. Distinctly rum. One for weird Wednesdays!

ally. said...

i really must track down that compilation you've got. there's one of all the parlophone singles too but i've set my little heart on digging up the original 45s somewhere dark and musty