Wednesday 29 September 2010

raining in my heart

seven lonely days and a dozen towns ago i reached out one night and you were gone...

poor old dear old elvis we'll never leave you

elvis - kentucky rain

*thankyou davy for the reminder



davyh said...

I was going to post it, but wanted to keep Hawley on top for a bit longer x

ally. said...

as well you should - it's a top quality number

Mondo said...

This is well worth a grab alt.takes and outtakes from the Memphis sessions. Elvis unleashed.

dickvandyke said...

Thanks for the dampness y'all.

Separate Ways is probably my fave Elvis song; resounds against the very sad bits of my childhood.

But I can't find a studio versh anywhere. I looked everywhere - like under the bed, and in the tartan biscuit tin, and in the drawer with the wooden spoons in, and everythink. Have you got it ally?