Friday 24 December 2010

condiments of the season

condiments of the season to you all

and a record to rocksteady you into festivity from rhe priceless pile my dear old dad got the lovely chaps in universal sound to dig out for him last year ... ba boom ba boom ba ba yah indeed

stay super my friends

bob andy - let them say



Simon said...

Great tune.

Happy Christmas!!

dickvandyke said...

Merry Christmas scrumptious.

ally. said...

oh yous - ta duckies

Darcy said...

I'd just finished playing my scratched copy of Tighten Up Vol2 when you posted this, so it was a perfect condiment.

Festive loveliness to you, and may your condiments be carefully squeezed!

Tracy Garnish said...

That is so nice Ally,and a Happy New Year to you x

BLTP said...

Lovely hope you and the missus are having lovely time