Wednesday 1 December 2010

there's a song that they sing...

now the first of december was covered with snow
and so was the turnpike from stockbridge to boston
lord, the berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of that frosting
With ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go

with thanks to the always debonair mr mark fincher



Tracy Garnish said...

well,maybe you can believe if it helps you to sleep...a beautiful song,and the 1st December covered in snow...It will 'rock-a-Bye' Tracy for so nice

Anonymous said...

A thoroughly fine choice,fine indeed Madam

Anonymous said...

oh...Ally are you alright?i hope you're well,I keep coming to check for another lovely tune or a heartwarming collection of wonderfulness...Happy days Ally,I hope your festive season is a happy one...X

Tony Russell said...

splendid sound that one,really nice!