Thursday 13 January 2011

join the undefeated

well that last number was a bit much wasn't it kiddiewinks a bit cloying a bit sulky and a universe away still from the doomy granduer of our shangri-las our gene pitneys oh heavens our johnnie rays (oh johnnie ray) all the heroes who see us through who hold our hands and swell our hearts and save us night after night and hell by seventeen we may've been downtrodden and despised locked out and lost but oh how we could sneer right back

let's fly

the pop group - where there's a will



spud said...

Good gear. I've still got my dusty seven of this with the Slits doing 'In The Beginning There Was Rhythm' on the other side. That was some combination - neither band sounded like anyone else around at the time. They were proper one-offs.

peteru said...

takes me back. we are all prostitutes etc. took themselves a bit seriously but heck at least they didn't conform

peteru said...

..from Bristol as well which always helps :)