Friday 11 February 2011

happy viewing

if you'd not noticed tonight is the start of the bbc4 reggae britannia season and if it's anything like as bloody marvelous as all their other lot it'll be super bloody marvelous. for the staying uppers there's a specials show on after too. please be on the iplayer pleeeease....

to get you in the mood

laurel aitken and the soulmen - never you hurt


the photos are from the building site hoarding opposite our bijou lattie well worth a vada if you're trolling about these parts



Simon said...

Some of reggae britannia was good, some of it, well, it rushed itself towards the end. Could have done with more of the mid 70s thing, and lovers could do with a whole programme of its own.

spud said...

Nice tune. That top photo looks really familiar. Remember 'Temporary Hoarding' the RAR fanzine? I think it might come from an old copy of that.

< goes off to waste half a morning rummaging in a trunk >

spud said...

...and there's something familiar about the changes in the backing track to 'Never You Hurt' as well. It's making me wonder whether it started life as a cover of 'Mr Pitiful'. Reggae's always been big on recycling.

Tony Russell said...

Terriffic programme,not as much as I would have liked on the 80's stuff.I'm no expert but I would have favoured hearing a few tunes played as a regular by david Rodigan on his Roots rockers show,always a favourite of mine at the time.
Happy valentines week...Lovers really do rock!!

glen grainger said...

to cool for school