Friday 4 February 2011

save our libraries day

i've tried writing a how much i love libraries thing all bloody day but it keeps coming out all oh i don't know just wrong not how i want it but i do want to send out a far too late wail for save our libraries day ... i'll be at the desperately lovely mayfair library getting out my full twenty books thankful as anything (well sixteen cos i've already got the rising sky by tim dee, the life of mammals by david attenborough, gentlemen of the road by michael chabon, and the reader's digest field guide to the birds of britain). i know really i should troll up to marylebone to raise a fist and rail against it's closure but i'm taking tomorrow to celebrate my favourite of westminsters treasures (they're yours too you know - no need to be a resident here) before all the horrors really start. there's a brilliant bit on caught by the river that puts all this way better than i'm doing and a speech by phillip pullman that ends...

"Leave the libraries alone. You don’t know the value of what you’re looking after. It is too precious to destroy."

go library.

buddy holly - words of love


davyh said...

My eldest little girl's favourite writer Michael Morpurgo sez:

"We go on about how important literacy is, and the government goes on about it, and then what do we do, we propose to close down half the libraries. For me the library service is as important as the health service, as we are talking about the health of peoples' minds. If it is a question of choices, then if you ask me if I would choose Trident or libraries, I would choose libraries"


ally. said...

well done your eldest

Tony Russell said...

The heavenly library,a place to soothe a tired mind,with peace,read someone elses thoughts,learn something about your own.One of my favourite places,where for once I love to hear 'Sssssshhhhhhhhhhh'

spud said...

Free public libraries and free healthcare are both the hallmarks of a truly progressive and civilised society. Screw with those and you start to forfeit the right to be described as such.

Long live libraries!

Tony Russell said...

Spud for P.M - got my vote already

dickvandyke said...

SFunny ally - I had you down as a Kindle kinda gal!

The revolutionary software, hardware and network platform - ideal for the busy girl about town.

I'd rather lie on the sofa with a Kendal (Mint Cake).