Friday 22 April 2011

bank holiday bossa

cheer along my sweets

nara edu lobo tamba trio - carcara



davyh said...


Yer link's awry doll x

ally. said...

the most glorious day out i've had in an age it was too. it was time travel via ferry.

song should work now too

davyh said...

muito melhor, obrigado x

adam said...

Purfleet Working Men's Club - that hour or two before sunday dinner at my grandparents, with my grandad and whatever of my uncles happened to be hanging around (the two that still lived at home and the three that had left, plus the in-law - often it would be all of them) - making me a sly shandy with his pint so he could tell my mum he'd only got me lemonade - desperate for a go on the snooker table but 'no, there's always such a wait' - hearing him swear (if only at my uncles). It was one of the rarest privileges of being a boy.