Wednesday 27 April 2011


oh the thrill of post... the card from bridlington my dad's photos of bluebells from the easter day out with the grandparents of my youth a reminder of the £13.72 that's lived in my building society for years and this glorious treat that brightened the week no end...

"Wow! I am flabbergasted! I wrote and sang lead on "Suddenly You're My Life" when we (Teakwood) recorded it in 1976 near Atlanta, GA (USA)! I would love to find out how this record got into distribution. We were very young then!! We recorded an album in 1977, but it did not include "Suddenly" or "Can You Dig It". It, also, was NEVER released! It's called A DISTANT STAR! I hope to hear from someone VERY soon!!!"

and then even more

"Thanks, Ally! My good friend, Berry Wilson, fellow member of Teakwood who wrote the flip side, "Can You Dig It?", also happened upon this website around the same time I did! It's incredible that 35 years after recording it and with, what we were told, a very limited number of copies printed, that our record seems to, finally, be a hit!! LOL!"

and then the lovely rob ryan who gifted us the tune popped round too

"Hi Fred and Berry,
Hope things are good. I bought your INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC record from a friend around a year ago in London (England) I think he bought it on ebay from the states, I wont tell you how much I paid for it cos my wife might read this and beat me with a pool cue, it's given me many hours of happiness tho - Thank you!
It was on a mix cd we took on holiday last year and as we drove around the hills in Cyprus the kids in the back loved singing along with the 'ooh ooh ' bit, as I did too !
Best Wishes and thanks for your great music guys !"

so if you missed it the first time here's another go with the blinding flipside to boot

thankyou ever so fred and berry

teakwood - suddenly you're my life

teakwood - can you dig it

i wonder what tomorrow's might bring



Mondo said...

Blimey, side 2 - properly funky. Hammering on the honky tonk!

davyh said...

How brilliant is that? Aside from all the fabulous companeros I've 'met' through it, lovely contact like that from people who made groovy records we've given some love to is definitely the best thing about blogging. My proudest moments are still the comments from the lead singer in The Persuasions missus and, er, Dean Friedman x

Simon said...

Two words Davy, Tracie Young.

I also met a band from my 80s Mod days through the blog. That was pretty cool. Nobody I know who would have a clue who they were but they meant loads to me. Nice to find out they were nice guys too.

Rob Ryan said...

Who was the band Simon ?

Simon said...

The Moment, one of my favourite bands from the 80s. I wrote about them here.

Tracy Garnish said...

Oh goodness - they are superb tunes.I want them,want them want them!!!!!!!! Fantastico.

spud said...

That's a fantastic story. Your eyes must have been popping when you read that mail.

Jigging in my seat to 'Can You Dig It'. It's got more bounce to the ounce.

Wonder what the story is on the mothballed album? Sounds like even F&B don't have tapes or demos? You could have had a Dusty Sevens world exclusive there.

P.S. I'd think twice about replying if you ever get a mail from Christian Plique, the sleazy beast. He'll probably just be on the prowl for Hot Foxy Women.

Mick said...

Thw world's a beautiful place.