Thursday 26 May 2011


presenting the new patron saint of dustysevens the most fantabulosa ever so bold swinging spectacular little jackie shane... oh my giddy aunt...

jackie shane - any other way

oh just look at the sweetheart go

with the most hugely grateful thankyous to mr kenneth and the radio shirley contingent for introducing me to such a heavenly soul. you're a star mr k.

to the forever fabe queer music heritagers for so much more

the cbc radio for a whole hours worth of celebration i got mine : the story of jackie shane (go listen dearies)

to derek's daily for stand up straight and tall on 45



spud said...

Those are an outstanding couple of tracks. First reaction: 'There's a deep husky breathy quality to her voice that I really like'. Then I followed the links out for some back-up reading and had to re-adjust my head...

And the backing band on 'Walking The Dog' are terrific.

ally. said...

aren't they just. there's a bunch of youtubes out there of comin' down and in my tenement which are huge but i just couldn't resist such a line as " tell her that i'm happy tell her that i'm gay tell her i wouldn't have it any other way " now could i

Mondo said...

That guitarist's a bit handy..

Anonymous said...

You're most welcome, darl!

Jackie continues to leave us breathless here at Casa Shirl! I'm tearing down shirl's Diana Ross altar this weekend and Jackie is moving in!

be ever so
mr.K & radioShirl

Tracy Garnish said...

Any other way.What a beauty that is!! Fabulous that is.