Monday 15 August 2011

modal monday

or day thirty one maybe... i enjoyed that thirty day challenge doohickey feel like i fumbled a chunk and that too many of the days had shoddy themes but enjoyed it still. anyone got any better questions/ideas/themes/whatevers? what with having to get on a train tomorrow egg sandwiches crisps and everything how about 'a song you listen to while travelling on trains' that'd do for starters and it's easy what with jazz being train music jazz and scott and frank and almost nothing else all quiet in the quiet coach headphones sneaked on snug not leaky hissing headphones neither different music to car music sing along music this is total immerrsion all the way to the toes music there and all the way back again

michael garrick septet - ursula



Anonymous said...

ally m'dear,

this one always gets Shirl swishin' her gingham skirt and flashin' a bit of knee like nobody's biz while parked ever so comfy mentally prepping for a long haulage rail excursion.

try it ... you know you want to ...

be smooched
mr.K & radioShirl

glen grainger said...

i love this track, more of a simmuler ilk on giles petersons immressed lps,amancio dsilvas a street in bombay,on my train jouny,
then theres always the number nine bus,to consider

glen grainger said...

thats impressed lps,

davyh said...
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davyh said...

Sorry. That was me. I though gg said immerssed LPs for a minute there, which I rather liked the sound of.

You've made me want to do this train journey again.

davyh said...

PS: Cress with the egg, 70s child?

spud said...

Yep, I didn't know this one until the Peterson comps but I like it a lot.

The Barbican put on a various artists show (revue?) off the back of those comps and the BBC4 Jazz Britannia series. All good gear but the Garrick big band were definitely stars of the show. Michael Garrick took a mildly patronising and avuncular tone to presenter Gilles P as well which was sort of funny.

Tracy Garnish said...

how lovely...Come ON train