Tuesday 23 August 2011

torment tuesday

bring back that sunny day

scott walker - stormy



davyh said...

It's good for the tomatoes x

Tracy Garnish said...

What an outstanding choice of song,astonishingly good,Love the storm,Love the gusts,Love the power...Love the grey,you know.

ally. said...

isn't it just tracy. i'm awful partial to the bobbie gentrty and only came across scott's take recently. it's funny hearing him getting with it.

and the smell of tomato plants is one of my favourite things in the whole world so rain on rain on

glen grainger said...

loverly version been listning to eden by every thing but the girl fogot what a great lp that is.whats your fave weekend track ally play it for me and the folks.

londonlee said...

A little bit of rain? Pah! There's a bloody hurricane heading our way this weekend.

spud said...

Doesn't Mr Walker do a great job on that? Top marks.

Also very much liking that bass part and the jazzy piano fills towards the end. x

ally. said...

gg - davy over the ghost of elecricity put up a super weekend song the other week - head pver for a go. I don't go much past those first couple pf singles.

lee - hold tight dearie

spud - isn't it a swinger? i still think he sounds kinda uncomfortable with it