Monday 12 September 2011

call her a name that's lighter than air

i just couldn't resist what with the bridges closed and all



davyh said...

Top pop.

You've set me off on a few 'wind' tunes myself. I've never thought to look before but I actually have quite a lot.

davyh said...

I'm sticking with the jazzy-funky ones for now.

glen grainger said...

have you haerd the billy paul version of this, not as good but prety cool

dickvandyke said...

As a kid, I always thought this was called 'Wendy' on account of the Peter Pan floaty girl.

Aren't these chaps just the greatest?
Like a band made up of junior doctors and teachers in 1967.

ally. said...

oooh billy paul? no i haven't but i'll try and hunt it down ta glen

ah always with the jazz-funky

junior doctors and teachers with great taches.

i wish i could stop giggling in a small child kind of a way every time i hear this. i mean it's brilliant and all but it's hardly a suprise it wasn't a hit over here

spud said...

This is exactly one of those tunes that you sometimes think you've heard to death - then you leave them alone for a bit and they come up just as bright and fresh and charming as they ever were....

(Makes me think of childhood holidays on Sussex caravan sites. When you really needed some imported California sunshine.)