Thursday 20 October 2011

it takes two

two sides of me and the mrs's two heads better (specially when one is swimming in bourbon) mid evening half hour mine whatever nonesense getawaywithable her finale sure shot floor shakers... folks swinging to glen & bobbie sure was a sight to treasure too. ta ever so 99ers

glen campbell & bobbie gentry - mornin' glory

the flirtations - nothing but a heartache



Dane said...

Thanks for the Glen & Bobbie - right up my alley. Hope it was a fun evening.

ally. said...

pleasure dear - it was a super evening too

Swiss Adam said...

I found the Glen and Bobby lp in a charity shop in Lincolnshire a while ago. 50p. Bargain.

ally. said...

huuuuge bargain - it's a wonderous thing that lp

glen grainger said...

my dogs called bobby and were thinking of bringing a tribute lp.
one off my big time fafe lps with a great cover as well. has any one seen bobby and donavon on utube its fantastic