Saturday 22 October 2011


oh heavens there were smoochers too that bit that was supposed to be the end of the evening but ended up calm before storms holding on tight being braver than you could ever be 'hands slowly and gingerly make their way down her back'* magic moments...

i know we've had them all before but they're such wonders...

sam cooke - that's where it's at

dusty - the look of love

sugar hill - that's love



99p soul xmas jamboree saturday 17th december

* courtesy crying all the way to the chip shop


Anonymous said...

At least I can vicariously enjoy 99p Soul with these postings! So nice to hear Dusty in MONO. Thanks, Ally.

glen fancy a dance grainger said...

oh yes

ally. said...

pleasure dearies - i do like a bit of vicarious enjoyment

londonlee said...

God I love that Sam Cooke record. I think he might have invented the Slow Jam/Bedroom Soul with that one.

...and then she says "do you mind!" and your hands go back up to her shoulders.