Friday 13 January 2012

pick of the week

germs and bed and the radio the bbc's world of wonders

filling the kettle digging around the digestives and 11:30 in the morning there's mystic afro futeristers last poets strata east budu tones and oh how did i not hear part one...? hear part two my friends and pass it around

black is a country - bbc radio 4

dug out of the iplayer thanks to secondopinions kindly comment tips dear jones guides us about london with all that symphonical stuff or whatever they call it i dunno all this piano playing and messing about

london soundscape - bbc radio 2

and a wet and wild world to paddle about... a creative response to the prescence of a magical place in a hostile world a cultural standing up for wild nature

the waterboatman's song - nature - bbc radio 4

thankyou the bbc.



drew said...

People will not realise how brilliant the BBC is until we no longer have it as it is and iall we're left with is BBC 3 and Radio 1. God help us all.

Black is a country was great, that Sun Ra was off his nut!

davyh said...

Reasons To Be Cheerful Part endless x

Swiss Adam said...

State sponsored wonder.